Media Mentions


Health and psychology writer Linda Wasmer Andrews in the news.

Global News

“Can Cooking Become a Form of Therapy?” by Arti Patel.

The Writer

"How Professional Writers Beat Writer’s Block,” by Ryan G. Van Cleave.

BBC News

“Who, What, Why: How Long Is the Ideal Nap?” by Tom Geoghegan.

Better Homes and Gardens (Australia)

“New Research Finds Cooking Is Good for Your Mental Health,” by Laura Barry.


“7 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Coffee Habit,” by Toria Sheffield.

Maine the Magazine

“Zen in the Kitchen,” by Susan Axelrod.

CBS This Morning

“How Meteorologists Can Now Forecast the Best Sunsets.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“As Summer Winds Down, Take Steps to Survive Back-to-School Anxiety in Both Children and Parents,” by Michelle Liu.

Men's Health

“The Big Problem with Working from Home,” by Markham Heid.