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Updated: Jul 11, 2019

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You’re currently visiting my Minding Your Step blog, but it’s not an only brainchild. It has an older sister blog called Minding the Body, published on the Psychology Today website. I’d love to introduce you.

Meet my other blog

Minding the Body is about the interconnectedness of psychology and health. It focuses on healthy behaviors and attitudes that foster both mental and physical well-being — things such as physical activity, diet, sleep, mindfulness, social connection, and contact with nature.

My first post for Minding the Body back in 2010 was about repeating a favorite walk time and again, something I dubbed “comfort exercise.” Since then, I’ve revisited themes of walking, mindfulness, and the natural world several times in articles for the Minding the Body blog.

Those are the core topics I discuss on this site as well. So, if you enjoy this site, you might also want to check out what Minding the Body has to offer. I don’t waste your time with duplicated blog posts, so everything you find there is original and different from what’s published here.

Recent, relevant posts

Below are some specific articles from Minding the Body that may interest you.


Conflict in Your Relationship? Try Taking a Walk Together,” June 2018. When you’re mired in conflict with someone, going for a walk together may help the two of you get unstuck and make progress toward resolving your differences.

How Your Body Changes Your Visual Perception as You Walk,” June 2017. Your body helps shape what you see on the walking path. Here's the latest research and what it means for walkers and hikers.

Walking Can Lift Your Mood, Even When You Don’t Expect It To,” August 2016. Feeling bored and sluggish at work? A new study shows that walking may be good for your mood, even if you’re strolling down a drab hallway and facing a dreaded chore afterward.

Boost Your Verbal Memory While You Burn a Few Calories,” April 2016. Learning a language or memorizing a speech? Try this memory hack that involves memorizing words as you walk.

To Become a Better Writer, Be a Frequent Walker,” March 2016. Novelists and poets have long held that walking and writing are closely connected. Now there’s research to back up that claim.

Walking Through Grief and Healing,” March 2016. Grief is a journey that for some is best traveled on foot. Here's how walking may help people cope with grief after the loss of a loved one.


Metaphor Is a Shortcut on the Path to Mindfulness,” July 2018. A vivid metaphor may be the quickest, easiest route to mindfulness. Here are the key elements of a good metaphor for mindfulness along with three experts’ favorite examples.

Using Your Smartphone Camera as a Mindfulness Tool,” September 2017. Point, shoot, observe. Your phone’s camera may help you focus on the moment and foster mindfulness. It all depends on how you use it.


Nature-Based Imagery Helps People Feel Less Anxious,” November 2018. New research shows that imagining a nature scene in a vivid, multisensory way can help ease feelings of anxiety.

A Changing Climate Is Transforming Our Emotional Well-Being,” September 2018. News about our changing climate can lead to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, but ignoring the issue isn't the answer.

Is there a specific topic you would like to see addressed in a future article for one of my blogs? Please drop me a line and let me know about your suggestion. Here’s wishing you happy, healthy reading!

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Linda Wasmer Andrews is a freelance health and psychology writer.